Recently Anthropic, the company behind the chatbot Claude announced its Claude 3 model family, which is the most advanced model for cognitive tasks beating GPT4 and Gemini.

Claude 3 has 3 most powerful models in the model family. They are Claude 3 Haiku, Claude 3 Sonnet, and Claude 3 Opus. (In the ascending order of capability)

These models are trained to offer more powerful performance with accuracy, speed, and optimization cost. You can use Claude in Google Sheets for better use-cases.

Opus and Sonnet are now available to use in Claude Chatbot and the Claude API. Haiku will be available soon.

Here is a chart to understand these 3 models with their intelligence and cost per million tokens.

Claude 3 Models

You can use Sonnet for free, which is the default model for Claude Chatapp.

If you want to try the most powerful model Claude 3 Opus, you can subscribe to the pro plan which costs $20/month.

Let’s look at some of the things that Claude 3 models can do better than other models like GPT 4 of ChatGPT and Gemini.

Things Claude 3 Does Better Than Others

1. Better Performance in Benchmarks

Claude 3 Models Capabilities Comparison Tables

Claude 3’s most powerful model, Opus outperforms the most common evaluation benchmarks in AI systems. It does better than GPT-4, GPT-3.5, Gemini 1.0 Ultra, and Gemini 1.0 Pro.

The opus model gives better undergraduate-level expert knowledge (MMLU), graduate-level expert reasoning (GPQA), basic mathematics (GSM8K), and more.

It does a good job of handling complex tasks and records near-human levels of fluency.

But the other models like Sonnet and Haiku are slightly less capable in comparison to GPT-4. But when I test the Sonnet model it gives better results than their previous model.

2. Faster Response Time

The Claude 3 models are capable of responding to live customer chats, auto completions, and data extraction tasks. It gives the results quickly and in real-time.

Between these models, Haiku, claims to be the fastest and most cost-effective model on the market for its category.

It can read an information and data-intense research paper with graphs and charts in less than three seconds.

3. Improved Multi-Lingual Capabilities

All Claude 3 models are improved in conversing in non-English languages like Spanish, Japanese, and French. It shows the increase in capabilities in analysis, forecasting, content creation, and code generation.

4. Improved Vision Capabilities

The Claude 3 models are improved in terms of vision capabilities with other leading models.

The models can process a wide range of charts, graphs, and diagrams. You can use this feature to analyze your wide variety of data from PDFs, flowcharts, and presentation slides.

Here is a chart of Claude 3 models and other leading models compared.

As you can see the most effective model is Gemini 1.0 Ultra beating other models like Claude 3 Opus, Sonnet, Haiku, GPT-4V, and Gemini 1.0 Pro. The Claude 3 models are powerful if you consider these leading models.

Claude 3 Vision Capabilities Comparison table

5. Improved Accuracy and Less Hallucination

In my experience, the previous Claude model hallucinated a lot but after using the latest Claude 3 Sonnet, I can say it improved a lot. It understands the prompts and the results I want.

As Claude 3 Claims Opus gives a twofold improvement in accuracy compared to the previous model, Claude 2.1. In addition to more correctness in Claude 3 models they are going to add reference materials to verify their answers.

Here is a chart of comparison between Claude 3 Opus and Claude 2.1 on accuracy.

Claude 3 Accuracy comparison table

6. Long-Term Memory and Recall

The Claude 3 models can process inputs exceeding 1 million tokens and Opus achieved near-perfect recall with over 99% accuracy.

7. Reduced Biases

The biases in the models are an ongoing problem.

However, Claude 3 shows fewer biases than their previous models according to the Bias Benchmark for Question Answering (BBQ).

The company is making an effort to reduce biases and give the answer with neutral responses in their models.

Closing Note

The new Claude 3 models are powerful and helpful, use them for your use. You can use these new model on their chat app.

The sonnet model is free to use you can give it a try and tell how it compares to the previous model.

Claude 3 surely raised the bar for improvement in AI chatbots and forced to make improvements in other Chatbots.

It sure beats Gemini and ChatGPT in some cases and getting better day by day. You should give it a try and share your opinion.

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