AI tools can increase your productivity, so here are some best ai productivity tools for you to get productive.

Jasper: Best For Writing High-Quality Content

💡 Our Take: I think it's the best tool for generating high-quality ideas and content for social media but it does not have enough sources for creative output. You can use it to create content and has AI suggestions from the internet.
Best AI Productivity Tools

Jasper AI is a generative AI platform for writing high-quality content for your social media post, thesis, or your blog post. The tool will help you to create high-quality content that you can use on your website.

You can use the tool to get more done in less time. You can become more productive with this tool and can generate ideas for your writing or generate the blueprint for your content.

This tool comes with a chrome extension and supported 25 languages including English, Russian, Spanish, and others.

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Jasper also lets you generate images within the system while you write content with his Jasper Art and you can also chat with tools like ChatGPT with his tool Jasper Chat.

Pricing: Jasper AI comes with an expensive but worthy pricing model. In his boss mode starting with 50,000 words/month for $49/month and going up to 700,000+ words. It also has a business plan.

One of the cool features Jasper has is its templates. They have plenty of pre-defined templates that you can use instantly like a paragraph generator, Quora answers, Blog Post Intro Paragraph, and other crazy little things that you have to do all the time. But thanks to AI, you can now automate this small task.

This way you can be more productive and automate those little but annoying tasks that suck up all your energy and you can become more productive and free.

ChatGPT: AI Personal Assistant


ChatGPT has been a cool chatbot this year and has gotten really far more than expected. It has gained more than 100M users in less than 2 months and it also completed 1M users in just 5 days of its release.

ChatGPT is a Chatbot language model that has been a booming AI tool these days, created by OpenAI. ChatGPT interacts in a conversational way with the user and you can give the Prompts (questions and commands for an AI model) and the tool will give you answers based on what has been on the internet.

You can use this tool as an AI assistant which gives you answers to your questions in which prompts you will provide. You can give more precise, detailed information for the AI to generate the required answers.

You can use this tool to generate ideas, answers, and other important work-related kinds of stuff to get more things done in less time.

Copy ai

Copy AI is a powerful AI tool that helps you to create better content with less time. The AI is able to generate copies that you can use in various ways like, Writing High converting emails, and generating high-quality blog posts and social media posts.

The ai can help you to generate by giving prompts and some initial text to generate the entire content for you.

Copy AI is a great tool to use in social media posts and generate high-quality emails that don’t have to write unnecessarily. This way you can automate the content you have to create for all the social media.

Copy AI can help Email Marketers, Social media marketers, and Bloggers create and automate their content creation.

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You can create Facebook Posts, Youtube Descriptions, Tiktok scripts, Linkedin Post, Listicle Articles, Meta Description, and many more with this awesome tool.

Pricing: The copy AI tool comes with 3 plans: Free, Pro, and Entreprise. The free plan comes with a 2000 word limit per month and the pro plan comes with unlimited words for $36/per month.

copy ai pricing

You might be thinking what is the difference between Jasper AI and copy AI? The pricing and the word limit, jasper ai comes with lots of plans and word limits and you can save more money using copy ai, if you aren’t using it for a specific purpose. Automatically take smart meeting notes

Otter ai

Otter AI is an Ai driven smart meeting notetaking tool that will help you to generate notes while you are attending the meeting. The AI will detect the voice and create the transcript with the respective slides in it.

After the end of the meeting, you can have the summary of the notes with the timestamps. The ai will automatically add the respective slide with the text the person saying.

Otter AI is able to connect with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet and Works on Android, iOS and Web.

otter ai demonstrate

Pricing: The Otter Ai comes with 4 Plans: Basic, Pro, Business, and Entreprise. The basic plan comes with free-of-cost and 300-minute usage with 30 minutes per conversation. The Business plan comes with $20/user/month and has 6000 of monthly usage and 4 hours per conversation.

otter ai pricing

Synthesia: AI Video Creator

💡 Our Take: Systhesia is a game changer for marketing videos, How-to tutorial videos and the training videos that has to be created for any brand. You don't have to hire people to create a videos you just have to pay some bucks to an AI to get the video.
Synthesia ai video editor

Synthesia is an AI video generator that creates avatars of human-like faces and creates videos. The tools can be used to create AI videos.

Using Synthesia you can create marketing videos, how-to videos, training videos and even you can create videos for youtube, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

The tools have 85+ avatars and let you create your own custom avatar for branding. It supported 120+ languages and it has more than 55 templates to use.

Pricing: Synthesia comes with a plan of $30/month and has 10 video credits/month with other relevant features included.

Krisp: AI-Powered Noise Cancelling App for Your Calls

Krisp AI

Are you attending meetings from a crowded place? No worries. Krisp AI tool will help you to you to remove background voices, noises, and echoes with their AI-powered noise cancellation technology.

Krisp AI is a powerful tool while you are recording in a crowded place, recording youtube videos, or social media videos, or attending any important calls. This tool is able to clear all of the noises immediately.

I have seen some videos on youtube and it has amazing results lots of people also use them to clear their background noises from their podcast and youtube audio.

Pricing: Krisp comes with 4 plans: Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The Free plan has 60 minutes of limit and the Pro Plan has unlimited minutes of Noise, speaker noise, and echo cancellations.


Frase AI

Frase is a powerful content writing tool that uses AI to create content that is optimized for SEO and could rank on google. Frase AI also could do research for you.

This tool will help you to write and optimize high-quality SEO content in a couple of minutes.

Kevin Indig, Director of SEO at Shopify, tells about Frase that “Frase feels like a next-gen content tool that’s not just exciting for SEOs, but for writers as well. In my mind, that’s more important to create successful content.”

The tool could able to create content with a title and some background about the topic to write the content for you.

This is a tool for website owners, SEOs, Content Marketers, and marketing Agencies to get articles written by an AI tool, so they could get maximum output and well-written content.

Pricing: Frase AI comes with 3 plans, Solo ($14.99/mo), Basic ($44.99/mo), and Team ($114.99/mo). With a solo plan, you will get 4 articles/month with 4000 words/per month. The basic plan has 30 articles/per month and with a team plan, you can get unlimited articles. Frase Also has a Pro Add-On for $35/mo where you can get unlimited AI-generated words.

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