We are seeing marketing in every category ever before. The global marketing market is growing faster than ever and is projected to be 786.2 billion by 2026.

In the world of marketing, we now have advanced with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Marketing is growing rapidly and we have to catch up with it even faster.

The AI marketing tools can be used in various use cases lie optimizing your ad campaigns, writing a better blog post, getting attention on social media, creating videos with ease, and other mind-blowing usages.

What is the use of AI in Marketing?

AI has been a great asset to the world of media and marketing and it makes productivity faster. Here are some of the use cases of AI in marketing.

  • Personalization: You can easily analyze any type of data and with the information, you can target the right people you are looking for to get better engagement and increase your sales.
  • Predict with analytics: With the help of AI Algos, AI can detect and predict the possible outcomes, and with the help of that you can identify upcoming trends and patterns in a field.
  • You can analyze images and videos.
  • With the help of AI, you can create videos and ad campaigns.
  • AI can help businesses to analyze and optimize and come up with better email marketing plans.
  • You can get better conversions like Adidas which uses AI to optimize its social media.

Benefits of using AI marketing tool

There are lots of benefits to using AI to help create marketing plans, campaigns, and ads to see. Here are some of the benefits you can get using AI marketing tools.

  1. Improve productivity: With the help of AI, you can produce a much faster creative output.
  2. Data-Driven Decisions: You can take decisions using lots of data and analyze them with the help of AI.
  3. Improve ROI: With AI, you can automate lots of tasks and optimize your campaigns to give you more return on investment.
  4. Scale faster: With the help of AI, you can scale much faster than those who adopt them late.
  5. Improve customer experience: You can look at the behavior of a customer and take personalization to next level.

Best AI Marketing Tools at a Glance

If you dont have time to read the whole article then here are all the AI marketing tools that could be helpful for your business.

If you want to know more about the tools then you can visit below to get a detailed review of all the ai marketing tools.

Here are the best AI marketing Tools in detail

Let’s look at the best ai marketing tools in detail and take a look at what they are doing for your marketing and how you can improve your marketing using these tools.

Jasper AI (for Copywriting and Blogposts):


Jasper AI is a powerful online writing tool that can generate lots of marketing copy, blog posts, and content for different social media.

The tool will help you to write high-quality content within a couple of minutes.

You can use this tool to automate your writing or improve your sales page or copy with the help of AI.

Jasper can be used in many different ways but you can use the best to get an idea of the best what you can expect from an AI writing assistant.

Jasper AI has limitations and you can review and modify the content for your own good.

Read: Jasper AI Review – Features, Pricing, And Pros And Cons

Features and Best Use in Marketing:

  • Jasper Art: If you want images for your social media or blog post then you can use AI-generated images from Jasper Art.
  • Jasper Chat: Jasper has its own chatbot and you can give prompts to generate ideas, revise your content and make more interesting content.
  • It has its own Chrome extension a with the help of the Chrome extension you can create content even faster.
  • Integrate with Serfer SEO to find keywords that will rank on Google.
  • Grammar and Plagiarism free.
  • 25+ languages and 50+ templates

With the help of Jasper, you can write content for different platforms and social media accounts like Twitter, Quora, Linkedin Etc.


Jasper comes with 3 plans, a starter, a Boss mode, and a Business plan.

With a starter, you can get a minimum of 20k words at $24/mo and boss mode has 50k words at $49/mo and you can choose the pricing with respect to your word count.

Pros and Cons:


  • You can make content much faster.
  • Get to choose from templates to start from.
  • You can get SEO training.
  • Produce plagiarism-free content.
  • Integrate Surfer SEO


  • It’s not human, you have to make changes before finalizing your scripts.
  • It was a little bit more pricy.
  • You have to make factual checks.

Copy AI (Generate short-form content)

Copy Ai

Copy AI is an AI content creation tool that will help you to create blog posts, write email newsletters, and high-converting posts.

Copy AI has been used by more than 7 million people and they are using it to write better content for their platforms.

Using Copy AI you can use it to write blogs, sales copy, ad copy, social media copy, and more things.

Copy AI has templates, and free tools to support your content creation, and using that you can spread your message in 29+ languages.

Read: Copy AI Review: Details, Pricing, Features

Features and Best Use in Marketing:

  • Chat By Copy ai is an AI chatbot like ChatGPT that can help you to generate ideas and write stuff.
  • 29+ languages support.
  • 90+ tools and templates

You can use Copy AI for generating ideas, creating social media content, and getting the initial draft of your social media ad script or any youtube video script.


The copy AI is better with its pricing than its competitors.

  • Free plan: 2000 Words/month of the limit with no credit card required. ( You can try to Copy ai for free now)
  • Pro Plan: Unlimited words with 5 user access and other features.
  • Enterprise Plan: Gives you API access and a chat interface with other things.
Copy AI pricing

Pros and Cons:


  • Affordable Price
  • Simple Interface
  • You can make different content with templates.
  • You can choose specific tones for your content.
  • AIDA and PAS frameworks are available


  • You may experience some lags (In my experience almost every chat service lags for some time and it goes fine)
  • It’s for fact-checking, especially dates.
  • Long Form content may take some steps.

Surfer SEO (for SEO Content Writing

Surfer SEO

Writing SEO-friendly content may be overwhelming. You have to choose to write keywords, better blog structure, and take extra for your blog post-On-page SEO.

But not anymore, Surfer SEO is an On-Page SEO tool that will help you better content for your blog that could rank higher in search results.

Surfer SEO is designed to help with SEO-optimized content and analyze your articles and blog posts for better organic traffic.

With Surfer SEO, you can generate high-converting headlines, and write and optimize your content in any language.

You can integrate this tool with google docs, WordPress, and Jasper or can copy-paste the article into the app to see your results.

Features and Best Use in Marketing:

  • Free Keyword research tool
  • Generate outlines and headlines for articles
  • Write in WordPress, google docs, Jasper, or Surfer
  • Optimize for SEO


Here is the pricing structure of Surfer SEO

  • Basic Plan: $49/month with 120 articles/year
  • Pro Plan: $99/month with 360 articles/year
  • Business Plan: $199/month with 840 articles/month

You can try Surfer SEO free for 7 days

Pros and Cons:


  • It can save you lots of time
  • Integrate with other tools


  • There is no free version

Zapier (for Automating Tasks)

While running a business there is going to be lots of tasks that are repeated, especially marketing tasks. But Now you can automate these with Zapier.

Zapier is an online automation tool that will automate things that keep you frustrated. You can use Zapier for marketing automation to save lots of time.

You can stay organized and track your marketing campaigns.

Features and Best Use in Marketing:

  • Multi-Step Zaps or automate several tasks at once.
  • Create if/then logic on different tasks
  • Filter your tasks according to your conditions

You can use this amazing tool for any kind of automation in your business.


Here are the pricing of Zapier to compare with your requirements.

  • Free Plan: Free for 100 tasks/month ( Start using Zapier Now)
  • Starter Plan: $19.99/month for 750 tasks or you can choose 1.5k tasks for $39
  • Professional Plan: $49/month for 2k tasks/month or you can choose up to 2M tasks
  • Team Plan: $399/month with 50k tasks/month
  • Company Plan: $799/month with 100k tasks/month

Pros and Cons:


  • Saves your lots of time
  • Best Service
  • Powerful Automation
  • Flexible pricing


  • Slightly Learning curve

Grammarly (for Content Editing)

grammarly Homepage

After writing online we always worried about grammar mistakes, so Grammarly is here for you to correct your grammar, so you won’t worry again.

Grammarly is a proofreading and grammar correction tool that will help with any grammar errors, plagiarism, style, and tone of your text.

You can easily use it on your devices like mobile, laptop, PC, and Chrome extensions—Everywhere to be better at writing without any errors in grammar and spelling.

This is a very useful tool while you are writing content for your social media or writing any blog post. I use this tool every day while writing this article, it is active as a Chrome extension and the app is giving corrections on my writing.

Features and Best Use in Marketing:

  • Grammar spelling, and punctuation check.
  • Formatting
  • Rewrite
  • different word choices
  • Tone Detection
  • Auto citation
  • Plagiarism Checker and many more.

You can use this tool for your daily personal use, marketing use, and any other activity you do online.


Here is the pricing of the Grammarly app.

  • Free plan: Enough for personal use ( Use the Free Grammarly Now)
  • Premium: $12/month (For individuals)
  • Business Plan (For Teams): $15/member/month
grammarly pricing

Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to use
  • Real-time grammar correction
  • High accuracy rate
  • Correction with explanations


  • Sometimes lags in writing apps ( I face problem with Google Docs, Evernote, and Notion)
  • The free Version is limited

Albert.ai (for Digital Advertising):

Albert AI is a self-learning digital marketing tool that will help you to customize your campaigns and create an impact in your digital marketing.

Albert AI is a powerful powerhouse that takes your marketing effort to the next level with the help of Machine learning you can plan and structure, make ad variations, keyword grouping, and build your campaigns inside Albert AI.

Not only that but Albert AI will help you to build and optimize your campaigns set budgets and bit, and create reports and insights inside Albert AI.

Features and Best Use in Marketing:

Here are some features that will make you use the platform.

  • Plan and Structure
  • Create Ad Variations
  • Make Keyword Grouping
  • Get access to Media
  • Build Campaigns
  • Ad Groups / Sets
  • Optimize Media / Keywords, Audiences
  • Create reports using Albert AI


You can contact them to know the price of Albert AI on the pricing page.

SEMrush (for Digital Marketing)

Semrush Homepage

Semrush is a digital marketing tool that will help you to do SEO, content marketing, competitor research, social media marketing, keyword research, and many more.

If you have a blog or a website and want to drive customers to your business through Online marketing then you can use the Semrush tool to find the best keyword that will help to increase your sales and online visibility.

If you are a blogger, SEO professional, and website owner then this tool could save you lots of time and energy. If you want to do all things manually then your business takes a long time to make any sales online.

Use this tool to maximize your online visibility, attract more customers, create brand awareness, and increase your sales and revenue.

Semrush has been used by more than 10M users and it’s growing rapidly getting results from online marketing with ads, SEO, and social media marketing.

Features and Best Use in Marketing:

Here are some attractive features in Semrush that you will get to use in the app.

  • Keyword research tool
  • On-page SEO tools
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content marketing tools
  • Local SEO tools
  • Rank Tracking tools
  • Tools for Amazon business
  • Link Building tools
  • Competitor SEO analysis
  • Content creation and distribution tool
  • Content Optimization tool
  • Paid Advertising tools
  • Competitor PR monitoring tools
  • PPC Keyword research tool

If you are a marketer, blogger, or website owner then you need Semrush to get traffic to your website to get you sales and traffic on your website.


These are the pricing of Semrush to better understand the need of your business and which plan is best for you.

  • Pro Plan: $99.95/month with 5 projects. 500 keywords to track, 10,000 results per report.
  • Guru Plan: $191.62/month with 15 projects, 1.5k keywords to track, and 30,000 results per report.
  • Business Plan: $374.95/month with 40 projects, 5k keywords to track, and 50k results per report.

If you are a blogger and a website owner then go with the Pro plan, then if you want to have Looker studio integration and content marketing platform then go with Guru Plan, and if you need to access the APIs then go with Business Plan.

For most people, you just need the pro plan and you don’t have to waste your money unnecessarily.

You can start a free trial to test the Semrush tools.

Pros and Cons:


  • It has everything you need as an online marketer, blogger, and website owner.
  • The data Semrush generated is trustworthy.
  • It has a large quantity of data.


  • It has a learner curve like most of the tools in their category.
  • You will have access to one account, you have to buy for another user.
  • It is not compatible with the mobile device and not has a mobile app.

Adcreative AI

Ad Creative AI

Adcreative AI will help you to create ads with the help of Artificial Intelligence. You can generate ad creatives and social media posts that will generate conversion.

With the help of this tool, you can create beautiful-looking ads for your social media. Adcreative is the top 3 fastest growing product in the world behind Jasper and Synthesia.

You can generate headlines that will convert the best and generate social creatives.

Features and Best Use in Marketing:

  • Insights on which ads convert best
  • Text generator
  • Integrate with other platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.
  • Unlimited stock images


Here is the pricing of the ad platform Adcreative AI to better understand your best plan.

All plans are available a 25% off on the first year with coupon code FIRSTYEAR25

For Startups:

  • Starter: $21/month
  • Premium: $44/month
  • Ultimate: $74/month
  • Scale-up: $111/month

For professional:

  • Starter: $141/month
  • Premium: $186/month
  • Ultimate: $299/month
  • Scale-up: Custom

For Agencies:

  • Starter: $499/month
  • Premium: $699/month
  • Ultimate: $899/month
  • Scale-up: Custom

Pros and Cons:


  • Different pricing for different people
  • Best looking ads
  • Integration available


Writer.com (content writing for teams)

Writer.com is an AI content writing tool that will make it easy to write beautiful headlines and create online and give the first draft of your article.

Write also integrate with google docs, word, outlook, Figma, and Contentful. You can easily collaborate with your team and wherever they are writing content they will easily collaborate with the help of the writer tool.

You can use writers in your team of writers to give them a place to collaborate and write easily.

Features and Best Use in Marketing:

There are some features of Writer that will be a game changer and a better tool for writers.

  • Cowrite with the help of AI to generate the content you like.
  • Connect with other tools like Chrome, google docs, word, outlook, Figma, and Contentful.
  • Rewrite your passages
  • Make highlights


This is the pricing of the writer app to understand your need and use.

  • Team Plan: (1-5 people): $18 per user/month and if you go with the yearly plan then it will cost you $162 per user/year with 3 months free.
  • Entreprise Plan: You have to content to their sales, You can go to the plans page to content sales.

You can also start a free 14-day trial to test the app.

Pros and Cons:


  • It is not limited to user content, you can also generate legal and HR content.
  • It has features you require to write for business.


  • This tool is for businesses, not for a normal writer.

Synthesia.io ( AI Video Maker)

Sythesia AI

Synthesia is an AI video maker that will create videos with AI generate avatars. This tool is useful for creating marketing videos that have small budgets.

Using Synthesia you can make a how-to tutorial of your product, trailing videos for your customers and employees, and also create videos for different social media platforms like youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

The tool supports 85+ different avatars and lets you design your own custom avatars.

Features and Best Use in Marketing:

These are some features of the tool that will help you to create more awesome videos.

  • AI avatars
  • AI voices
  • Templates
  • 120+ languages and accents
  • 60 Pre-designed templates
  • Create your own custom templates
  • Screen Recorder
  • upload your own brand assets
  • Free media library
  • Background music
  • Design elements
  • Generate closed captions


Here are the plans of the tool to better understand your need in your business.

  • Personal Plan: $30/month with 10 videos/month
  • Enterprise Plan: You have to contact their sales team

Pros and Cons:


  • Creates high-quality videos.
  • It gives you the flexibility of customizing with your own style
  • Helpful for trailing videos, How-to tutorials, demo videos, product review videos, and corporate videos.


  • The personal plan has a limit of videos you generate
  • It can’t compete with professional video production teams

QuillBot ( Online Writing Tool)

Quillbot is a paraphrasing tool that will help you to rewrite your content and make it good and could be published online.

You can use the Quillbot tool to refine your written content for a better reading experience.

If you are creating an ad script or youtube video script you can rewrite the entire document for better understanding and mistake-free.

Features and Best Use in Marketing:

Here are some features of Quillbot that will be beneficial for you.

  • Paraphraser tool
  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Summarizer
  • Citation Generator
  • Translator

You can use this tool while writing your social media copy or any script to refine your content with a paraphraser, grammar checker, and look at plagiarism checker.


  • Free plan: You can just visit the website to use it, no account is needed.
  • Premium Plan is a $9.95 monthly plan, $6.66/month for a 6-month plan, and $4.17/month for 12 monthly plan.

Pros and Cons:


  • It has a free plan
  • No limit to a paid plan
  • offers Chrome and MS Word extension
  • Grammar checker replaces Grammarly


  • The word is limited in plan

Lumen5 (Video Creator)

Lumen5 is an online video creator to create high-quality videos to grow your brand and create videos at scale to drive demand. It makes it easy to collaborate with your team to create awesome and engaging video content.

With the help of Lumen5, you can make videos like making PowerPoint presentations. With the help of AI, you can also market your content for different platforms and automatically turn blog posts into videos and transform your long-form videos into short and crispy videos.

They have templates that will help you to stay with your brand value and create videos of your own choice.

Features and Best Use in Marketing:

Here is some feature you should look at before purchasing the app.

  • Millions of premium licensed videos and photos from Unsplash and Shutterstock
  • Use templates to create videos
  • Turn your blog post into videos
  • Create voice head videos


Here is the pricing structure of the Lumen5 tool before considering its use of it.

  • Free plan: Contains Lumen5 Watermark with 720p
  • Basic Plan: $19/month with no lumen5 branding
  • Starter Plan: %59/month with 1080p
  • Professional Plan: $149/month with all features
  • Enterprise: Get access to the Lumen5 design team (Contact them to learn more)

Pros and Cons:


  • The free plan is well enough if are comfortable with a watermark but it can be removed with their basic plan.
  • Creating videos is simple


  • Only one team member can work with all their plan except enterprise
  • Limitations in editing videos

Repurpose AI

Want to get more visibility by publishing the same content with multiple platforms?

Repurpose will help you to automate your content workflow and create multiple contents for different platforms. If you have a video on youtube then you can repurpose the same video for different platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and more.

With the help of repurposing, you can easily get lots of visibility by creating less content and getting ready your content for different platforms.

You can start a 14-day free trial to test the tool. (no credit card required)

Features and Best Use in Marketing:

Here are some features that will help you to better understand the product.

  • Repurpose your content for different platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube Shorts, Youtube videos, Youtube Lives, Facebook reels, Facebook Live, Zoom recordings, and Audio Podcasts.
  • Repurpose Tiktok videos without a watermark


Here are the pricing and plans of repurpose io to understand your best plan.

  • Free: Free trial and publish 10 videos for free. (Start your free trial here)
  • Podcaster: $12.42/month
  • Content Marketers: $20.75/month with 5 each social media
  • Agency: $104.08/month with 20 each type of social media

Pros and Cons:


  • Best for distribution
  • Support almost every social media
  • Best price


I dont have any cons about this product. Comment if you have any.

Browse AI (for scarping web pages)

Want to extract data from any website? The easiest way to extract and monitor data from any website using Browse AI.

Browse AI will help you to extract day from websites and easily export the data for analysis.

Here are some examples of Browse AI to extract data.

  • Extract the apps list from Zapier
  • Extract job listings information from LinkedIn
  • Extract the Job postings List from Monster.com
  • Extract job posting details from Glassdoor
  • Extract Products from ProductHunt
  • Extract Apps list from Google Workspace Marketplace
  • Extract details from an UpWork job posting

and many more

Features and Best Use in Marketing:

Here are some features that give you a birds-eye-view of what you will get with the product.

  • Turn any website into an API
  • Extract Data from Any Website
  • Monitor Websites for Change
  • Scraping Lists, data, and screenshots with no code
  • Extract data at scale with Bulk Run
  • Extract data behind logins
  • Global location-based data

This tool will help you with market research, competitive monitoring, generating leads, turning a website into APIs, and more.


Here is the pricing of this tool.

  • Free: Get 50 Credits every month
  • Starter Plan: $19/month for 10k credits/year, $39/month for 24k credits/year, $79/month for 48k credits/year
  • Professional: $99/month for 60k credits/year, $179/month for 120k credits/year, $299/month for 240k credits/year
  • Team Plan: $249/month for 120k credits/year, $399/month for 240k credits/year, $699/month for 480k credits/year

Pictory AI

Pictory AI is an Online video creation tool that will help you automatically create short and highly shareable content from long-form content.

You can easily make your content available for different platforms using this tool like creating videos from a script, transforming your blog posts into engaging videos, making sales videos, and creating subtitles.

You can use the tool for free to test the tool and if you need you can purchase the tool according to your use.

Features and Best Use in Marketing:

Here are some features of the product to understand its use cases of it.

  • Turn scripts into videos
  • Automatically extract short videos from long videos
  • Turn Blog posts into videos
  • Add Captions to videos automatically


Here is the pricing of the tool to choose the best plan for you.

  • Free Trial: 3 Videos with 10 Min long
  • Standard Plan: $19 per user/month with 30 videos/month
  • Premium Plan: $39 per user/month with 60 videos/month
  • Custom Plan also available.

Pros and Cons:


  • 30 videos/month is very good
  • Available tools for creating better videos


  • Currently only works on the English Language
  • Pdf, Word, or Google Docs are not supported, you have to add articles from web or HTML format files.


So, these are the tools that I found useful and can be used and helpful for your marketing purposes. If you want to purchase any then you can use them and give us feedback on them. If you want us to add any tool then you can comment down below to add to the list.


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