You can now use Claude 3 in Google Sheets where you can give prompts to do some tasks for you efficiently.

You can use the Claude for Sheets extension to call the Claude chatbot inside Google Sheets. This tool will allow you to do various office work in little time.

You can analyze data, charts, and graphs, find results of surveys, and many more. Here are 7 things you can do better with Claude.

Let’s learn how you can use the Claude extension inside Google Sheets.

Install Claude for Sheets

Follow this guide to easily install the Claude chatbot inside Google Sheets.

anthropic api key
  • Get Claude API Key: You need to have a developer API key to access the Claude for sheets.
    1. Go to, Sign upClick on “Get API keys”Create an API key with a name
  • Install the Claude for Sheets extension
    1. You can click here or search “Claude for Sheets” in the add-on marketplace to get the tool.
  • Connect the API key to the tool.
    1. After installing the tool, go to Extensions > Claude for Sheets > Enter your Anthropic API key. Paste the API key you have copied.
api key of claude in google sheet

After you see a green verified checkmark appear then the claude has been activated and you can use it within Google Sheets.

How to use Claude for Sheets

There are two main functions you can use to call Claude inside Google Sheets.

  1. CLAUDE() =CLAUDE(prompt, model, params…)
  2. CLAUDEMESSAGES() =CLAUDEMESSAGES(prompt, model, params…)

The first one is important for you to use. You can use the first formula to call Claude inside Google Sheets.

An X user Moritz Kremb used this formula and gave Claude a list of customer data with name, industry, and product to give him personalised cold emails.

Use Claude inside Google Sheets

Now you can able to use Claude 3 inside Google Sheets and get benefits from it. You can use this tool to do your office work more effectively.

The seamless integration allows you to keep your hands on the keyboard while Claude handles the heavy lifting, from data manipulation to report generation.

This powerful combination empowers you to be more productive and efficient, freeing up valuable time to focus on higher-level strategic tasks.

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