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Scientists have invested in an AI tool that will scare you and its has a 78% accuracy rate. Scientists from Denmark and the US invented an AI chatbot that can predict when you will die with a 78% accuracy rate.

The AI called Life2vec, predicts these results based on data from Danish health and demographic records.

A group of scientists from Denmark and the US collaborated to create this model using data from Denish health and demographic records for six million people. Like chatGPT and other AI chatbots, it gives you the results based on these data.

In the future when you add more information about your age, demographics, and health then the AI chatbot may be able to increase the accuracy rate.

The team tested Life2vec on a group of people aged between 35 to 65, half of those died between 2016 and 2020.

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To your knowledge, the chatbot is not currently available for use by the public.

Furthermore, The group, under the direction of Technical University of Denmark professor Sune Lehmann Jørgensen, pointed out that because the model was trained only on Danish data, the outcomes could not be as reliable for individuals from other nations.

‘Clearly, our model should not be used by an insurance company, because the whole idea of insurance is that, by sharing the lack of knowledge of who is going to be the unlucky person struck by some incident, or death, or losing your backpack, we can kind of share this burden,’ said Professor Jørgensen.

‘They’re likely being used on us already by big tech companies that have tonnes of data about us, and they’re using it to make predictions about us,’ he said.

“Our framework allows researchers to discover potential mechanisms that impact life outcomes as well as the associated possibilities for personalized interventions,” the team writes in the journal Nature Computational Science.

I don’t think the result from this AI death tool can bring someone any good result. I don’t think you should further search about this application which has very little data fed into it and gives you updates about your most crucial and scary moment.


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