Midjourney released its new version of the image generation tool, Midjourney V6. Midjourney is one of the popular image generation tools with over 17 million users on Discord.

With its latest version (V6), Midjourney gets more improvements to image quality and capabilities.

Here we will see the comparison between Midjourney and other best AI image generation tools and models like Dall-E 3, Stable diffusion XL, Imagine with meta, and more.

What is Midjourney

Midjouney is an AI image-generation tool developed by a team of researchers and engineers. Its primary objective is to create realistic and high-quality images with the help of AI. Midjouney gets many iterations and here we have the V6. You can generate the most realistic images with the help of text prompts and here you can see the comparison.

Midjourney V6 vs V5.2

Let’s start with its previous version V5.2. Here is the difference between V5.2 and V6.

  • v5.2 generates images at 512×512 pixels, whereas v6 generates image with 1024×1024 pixels. Which makes v6 more powerful with sharper details and a more polished look.
  • v5.2 may have generated artifacts or elements might not be perfectly aligned but v6 offers a more improved version with more realistic scenes.
  • In v5.2 lighting can sometimes appear to lack depth or flat but in the latest version, it introduces new lighting effects and techniques and more cinematic looks.
  • Compared to the previous version, the latest version has faster processing times.

Here are some examples of Midjouney v5.2 vs v6 comparison.

Midjourney v5.2 vs v6 comparison image 5
Midjourney v5.2 vs v6 comparison image 3
Midjourney v5.2 vs v6 comparison image 2
Midjourney v5.2 vs v6 comparison image 1

A Reddit user shared an image featuring images of every version in it. You can look at the differences and the improvement it gets over time.

Comparison of images by Midjourney version 1 to 6

Midjourney V6 vs SDXL

Let’s compare Midjourney v6 with SDXL. SDXL stands for Stable Diffusion XL and it’s a powerful image generation tool. Here are the feature comparisons of both.

  • Modjourney produces images with photorealist, sharp details, and dramatic lighting while SDXL produces highly detailed and realistic images but can lack consistency.
  • Midjouney is cloud-based and offers a user-friendly interface to use whereas SDXL is open-source, runs locally, and requires technical requirements.
  • Midjourney has a subscription fee, while SDXL is free to use but requires hardware and setup to run locally.
  • Midjourney is readily available to use while SDXL requires technical knowledge and setup.

A Reddit user shared some interesting images using both the tool and here are a few of them.

Midjourney vs SDXL image 1
Midjourney vs SDXL image 2
Midjourney vs SDXL image 3
Midjourney vs SDXL image 4

Midjourney V6 vs Dall-E 3

Both Midjourney v6 and Dall-E 3 are amazing text-to-image generation tools that you can use today. You can use the Dall-E 3 with Bing Image Creator for free. Here is the comparison of Midjourney v6 and Dall-E 3.

  • Midjourney is known for its photorealism with sharp details and lighting whereas Dall-E 3 produces high-quality and consistent images but lacks photorealism.
  • Midjourney is cloud-based with a user-friendly interface and focuses on prompt writing whereas Dall-E 3 requires to access OpenAI’s platform or third-party tools like Bing Image Creator.
  • Midjourney V6 has a subscription fee, while Dall-E 3 has different access options with varying costs.
  • Midjourney V6 is readily available, while Dall-E 3 requires specific access or tools to use.

Propeller Media Works published some of the comparisons between these two tools that you can see. Here are the images and spot the difference.

Midjourney v6 vs Dalle 3 comparison image 3
Midjourney v6 vs Dalle 3 comparison image 2
Midjourney v6 vs Dalle 3 comparison image 1

Midjourney V6 Vs Meta Image Generator

Meta has its own image generation tool that is trained on the public images on Facebook and Instagram, called Imagine with Meta.

It produces very good results as I have tested and compared the tool with Dalle-E 3 using Bing Image Creator. Here is the comparison of Imagine with Meta and Midjourney v6.

AI Fire shared some of the comparisons of Midjourney and Meta that you can see and compare the results. Here are all of them.


lady potrait Image generated by Meta

Midjourney V6

lady potrait Image generated by Midjourney


moutain and house Image generated by meta

Midjourney v6:

moutain and house Image generated by Midjourney


product ad Image generated by meta

Midjourney v6:

product ad Image generated by midjourney


comic Image generated by meta

Midjourney v6:

comic Image generated by midjourney


We found that Midjourney v6 is a powerful text-to-image AI image generation tool and we compared it with v5.2, SDXL, Dall-E 3, and Meta’s Image generator tool, Imagine with Meta.

All things considered, Midjourney V6 continues to lead AI image creation. It improved at creating realistic and detailed visuals and used text suggestions.

The update keeps Midjourney ahead of Meta’s image generator, Stable Diffusion, and DALL-E.


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