OpenAI, the parent company of the most popular AI tool, ChatGPT launched GPT Store.

ChatGPT recently launched GPTs in their DevDay announcement. Since then creators have gone crazy and launched lots of GPTs for different use cases and productivity.

According to OpenAI, 3 Million GPTs have been already created within 2 months since the release of GPTs. The GPT Store is a place where you can find the public GPTs that creators are sharing.

It’s like the App Store and Play Store. The GPT Store is being released to ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users so you can find useful and popular GPTS to use.

How to Access GPT Store?

To see the GPTs in the GPT Store, you can visit There you will find poluar and useful GPTs to use. You can also see the GPTs in your ChatGPT account.

GPT Store By ChatGPT

You can find the GPT Store below the New Chat tab. You can search for GPTs to use or explore the whole catalog to see the helpful GPTs to use.

How You Can Include Your GPTs in the GPT Store.

To Include your GPTs in the store is easy, you don’t need to have coding skills or need to have technical knowledge to create and share your GPTs.

If you would like to share GPTs with the store you need to:

  1. Save your GPTs from “Private” to “Everyone” (Anyone with a link will not be shown in the store, if you want to see the store you have to set it to “Everyone”).
  2. You need to verify your Builder Profile (You find the settings here: Settings → Builder profile → Enable your name or a verified website).

10 Useful GPTs You Can Try Now

Here are some of the useful GPTs you can try now.

  1. AllTrails: Find guides that fit your nature for your hike, ride, or run.
  2. Consensus: It’s an AI Research Assistant with over 200M academic papers from Consensus to search. You will get science-based answers and can draft content with accurate citations.
  3. Code Tutor: It’s made by Khan Academy and you can get help for code to work.
  4. Books: It’s a GPT to find books in the world of literature and reading.
  5. AI PDF: Here you can handle your PDF documents and it allows 1000s of PDF uploads with a free account.
  6. ScholarAI: You can generate new hypotheses, and analyze text, figures, and tables from 200M+ scientific papers and books.
  7. Dall-E: Generate images inside ChatGPT with the help of this GPT.
  8. Data Analyst: You can drop in any file and it will help you analyze and visualize your data.
  9. Creative Writing Coach: Here you can get feedback on your writing and improve your skills.
  10. Logo Creator: You can use this to generate logo designs.
  11. Canva: With this GPT you can design your presentation, logos, and social media posts easily inside ChatGPT.
  12. VideoGPT by VEED: You can generate videos and grow your audience with AI

These are some of the exciting GPTs that you can try using and see how these GPTs are helping you.


With the help of these GPTs, you will be able to get much more productive and efficient.

You can learn about the Prompt engineering guide provided by OpenAI to get your desired answers.

With the GPT store launched you get benefits from creating GPTs and using them for your good.

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