Sora text to Video generator
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OpenAI’s Text-to-Video generator “Sora”: Here 10 Most Impressive Videos

OpenAI announces the new text-to-video generation model called “Sora”. Sora is an AI model that will help you to create realistic videos from text prompts. Sora can generate videos up to a minute long while maintaining the quality of the video prompt. Sora can create complex situations with multiple moving characters, objects, and precise background […]

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Bard is now Known as Gemini, Lunched Gemini Advanced

Bard is now known as Gemini. Google has renamed the chatbot powered by Gemini LLM with the model itself and launched an Android and iOS app. Google also released the paid version of Gemini known as Gemini Advance. In this article, we will know how you can access the new Gemini app on Android and […]

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How to Create AI Images With Google Bard
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How to Create AI Images With Google Gemini

Gemini can now generate AI images and it’s really good. Gemini is one of the best AI chatbots and with its new updates, it can generate images. The good news is it’s free to use. For an extra creativity boost and to bring your imagination to life, you can create images in Gemini. It uses […]

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ChatGPT is now available on Apple Vision Pro
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ChatGPT is now available on Apple Vision Pro

ChatGPT is now available on Apple Vision Pro, the spatial computing VR headset. You can now install the app from the Vision Pro store. The ChatGPT app is powered by the advanced GPT-4 Turbo Model. It can enhance the power of chat, seeking advice, and generating content within the app. The OpenAI team is moving […]

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Chrome AI features
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3 New AI Features of Chrome Organize Your Tabs

Chrome launches 3 new AI features to organize your tabs inside the browser. These experimental AI features will help you write on the web. In the M121 release of Chrome, the team announced the generative AI features to make browsing easier and keep your browser organized. They are releasing these new features to Mac and […]

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ChatGPT Team Plan
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ChatGPT Introduces New Team Plan for Teams

ChatGPT introduces a new plan called Team Plan for teams of any size to use. ChatGPT Team plan offers access to advanced models like GPT-4 and DALL-E3 and other tools like advanced data analysis. It also adds a dedicated collaborative workspace for your team and an admin tool for team management. Recently they launched ChatGPT […]

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GPT Store By OpenAI
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ChatGPT Lunches GPT Store to Explore Custom GPTs

OpenAI, the parent company of the most popular AI tool, ChatGPT launched GPT Store. ChatGPT recently launched GPTs in their DevDay announcement. Since then creators have gone crazy and launched lots of GPTs for different use cases and productivity. According to OpenAI, 3 Million GPTs have been already created within 2 months since the release […]

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Sam altman devday
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ChatGPT New Features: GPT-4 Turbo, GPT Store, Custom GPTs (Devday)

OpenAI has been a revolutionary company of the century. With his products like ChatGPT and DALL-E, the company is shaping the internet and working with AI. On DevDay, OpenAI announced many interesting features and technologies for its products, especially ChatGPT. Let’s look at the improvements, features, and new models that have been announced in DevDay […]

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