The powerful AI behind ChatGPT is not just useful for chatting – it can be honed for serious research and analysis work too.

Developers have trained specialized GPT models to help search literature, analyze data, and generate insights.

In this article, we’ll look at 10 of the top GPTs that can level up your research game.

Best GPTs for Research & Analysis

  1. Consensus: This AI research assistant helps you search 200M academic papers from consensus and get science-based answers.
  2. ScholarAI: This will help you to generate new hypotheses, and analyze texts, figures, and tables from 200M+ scientific papers and books.
  3. Scispace: This AI research assistant helps you discover the latest and related papers from 282 million articles and ask questions and citation-backed answers.
  4. AutoExpert: When you upload a research paper, it will provide a concise analysis of its authors, key findings, methodology, and relevance.
  5. Scholar GPT: This will help you research from 200M+ resources will access to Google Scholar, PubMed, JSTOR, and more.


With the right AI assistant, research and analysis can change from a tedious chore to an enlightening experience.

The specialized GPTs we covered tap into massive knowledge bases and crunch the numbers for you, allowing you to focus on higher-level thinking and innovation

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